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Membership Fees

Membership Fee $5.00
One-time fee per Member per account, non-refundable

Account Fees

Non-sufficient Funds - Drafts or Automated Clearing House (ACH) $28.00
Uncollected Funds - Drafts/ACH $28.00
Share Draft Clearning Fee (Re-post NSF) $28.00
Returned Deposit Item $28.00
Resubmit Returned Item $25.00
Stop Payment (Draft or Pre-Authorized Transfer) $5.00
Overdraft Transfer
(from Savings, Money Market - Maximum of 6 electronic/automatic transfers per month for savings and Money Market accounts per Government Regulation D, or Visa Credit Card)
Less Than $50 minimum balance in Shares (after 60 days) $5.00/month
Re-open Account Fee (Regular share account w/in 1 year) $5.00
Account Early Closing Fee (within 90 days) $10.00
Excessive Regular Share Withdrawal Fee
(After 3rd withdrawal in a month)
Excessive Christmas/Vacation Club Withdrawal Fee
(After 3rd withdrawal in a year)
Phone Assistance (Account balance, Transfers, Check withdrawals, Inquiries on Cleared checks or Deposits or Withdrawals) $1.00
Non-member Check Cashing $5.00
Share Draft (checking) Monthly Service Fee (waived w/ $2,500 in S2) $4.95
Share Draft Printing Fee Varies by design
Monthly ATM Card Fee Free
Point of Sale Purchases Free
Deposit, withdrawal, transfer or balance inquiry Free
Reissue of lost or "forgotten" PIN prior to re-issue date $5.00
ATM Empty Envelope Deposit Fee (per incident) $20.00
Deposit Adjustment $10.00
Card Rush Fee (per item) $30.00
Foreign Currency Exchange Fees on
ATM/Debist Card or MasterCard (1% of U.S. dollar transaction amount if conducted in a foreign country and converted from a foreign currency)
1% of transaction amount
IRA Transfer or Close Out Fee $25.00

Documentation & Clerical

Hard Copies of Statements or Records $5.00/each
Interim Draft Statements/Statistics (CU71) $3.00/report
Return Mail Fee $5.00
Subpoena of Records $25.00/hour
Legal Processing (per levy or tax lien) $30.00
Verification of Deposit (VOD) $10.00
- Rush via Faxed VOD $5.00
Fax Service $5.00/page
Account Reconciliation Assistance $25.00/hour

Other Fees

Money Orders $3.00/each
Travelers Cheque (1.5% of "face" value) 1.5%
Dual Travelers Cheque (1.5% of "face" value) 1.5%
American Express Gift Card $3.00
Cashier's Check $5.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer - Domestic $30.00
Escheat Fee $2.00
Notary Fee (first signature free) $5.00
- Notary Fee for non-members $10.00

Visa Fees

See Visa Credit Card Agreement & Disclosure
No Annual Fee


Refinance Star Harbor FCU Existing Consumer Loan $150.00
 Lien Satisfied (Notarized) $10.00
 Consumer Late Charge - See Truth in Lending Disclosure  
 Real Estate loans Fees - Call for current schedule  

Fees effective as of March 1, 2014. List of above fees is not comprehensive. To download a comprehensive list of fees, please visit our Disclsoures page and download the Terms of Service for Your Account. Please contact member services if you have any questions. Fees are subject to change without notice.

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